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As I have had the pleasure of being brought up bilingual from the age of 6 and to experience different cultures and languages, I wish to share those enriching experiences with my learners, whilst still understanding the difficulties they might encounter.

Over the last twenty years, I have always been striving to adapt my teaching to the personal needs of my learners by providing them with mnemonic links, images and colours to involve their learning effectively and affectively.

On a weekly basis, I am lucky and honoured to be teaching KS2 French in a primary school as well as helping adults in the world of the Arts and in museums to improve their French language skills.

… ¬†et Accent Language Training

I started my career in the nineties as a trilingual interpreter in the multi-media industry travelling between London, Paris and Berlin.

As I helped business people from different countries to understand each other, I quickly realised that if I taught them some language skills, they would create a better rapport with their potential clients.

My enthusiasm for speaking the same language as other business partners seemed to be contagious and my career moved to language training, always thinking of fun and innovative ways to bring the message across and help memorisation. I then started working with a team of teachers to provide a wider variety of languages working mostly in the city and museums and called my language  training agency Accent.

All along, I have also been working with children on creative French music projects, teaching KS2 French, enjoying sharing my experiences by speaking at conferences, running inset days and recently hosting the first North London Primary Language Hub under the umbrella of the Association for Language Learning.

Inspiring :

I love talking at conferences like the London Language Show and ALL World Language as well as running inset days for teachers.

Apart from French pronunciation, I specialise in Creativity in the Curriculum, integrating music and teaching with magic tricks.

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  1. Ruth Naylor

    I enjoyed your lively presentation at Olympia today and would like to receive your notes by email, please.
    Also any information on your nfacebook group, as I am a lone MFL teacher in a primary school and enjoy sharing ideas. Merci mille fois.

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